Welcome to Health Revolution. Official UK distributor for I-Tech PEMF devices. Our mission is simple and clear: We want to be at the heart of bringing new, empowering, and affordable personal medical technologies, (all formally tested, approved and regulated), to as many people as possible across the UK.

As we move forward through the 21st century it is becoming increasingly clear that we will all benefit from taking greater personal involvement and responsibility for our own health. Partly this due to our wonderful NHS struggling at times under the weight of so many burdens, and particularly since Covid of course.

For many of us -  the sheer complexity, speed and number of demands on our  time, energy and our lives takes its toll - and the fact that many people have to face a future of working for many more years than our forebears did - and they did so in a society where perhaps there was more of a safety net to protect them.

We constantly see reports that the number of people with both chronic and acute pain conditions have reached record levels, and likewise people experiencing chronic disorders or illnesses described as autoimmune or systemic are rising rapidly.

In so many ways we are not a healthy population. 

On the flip side though - let’s be positive- there are so many exciting and robust new initiatives and treatment modalities available to us ( as well as lots of quackery and untested and unapproved treatments of course!)

Our belief, and experience, is that these new technologies can make enormous positive differences to people’s lives. They are often expensive however. Unsurprisingly perhaps.

That’s where we come in. The key to unlocking this potential is to help ordinary people like all of us to be able to afford them - and we believe that equipment rental/hire is the way to achieve this.

Thanks for reading. 

Andy Morgan, CEO

Andy’s Story and PEMF Journey

Hi, I’m Andy Morgan. I own and run Health Revolution.

I am a professional PEMF therapist, trained and certified by the AOPP (that’s the International Association of Pemf Professionals)

Prior to this I had a background as a professional analytical and research scientist. With a degree in Chemistry and experience in analytical systems development at organisations such as Bio Products Laboratory in Elstree I was also studying for my PhD when life took one of several key turns - as it has a habit of doing. 

My first early brush with disability rocked my narrow ‘sciencey’ world and took me on a new path where I retrained as an Anthropologist and attained a Masters degree and spent the next dozen plus years working in disability and eventually becoming Head of the National Disability Conciliation Service - the UK’s key organisation charged by the Blair Government with the task of implementing the new Disability Discrimination Act.

What made me become a PEMF therapist and to bring certified medical PEMF devices to the UK?

I was also an elite competitive athlete for a good chunk of the first 40 odd years of my life. A track runner at school, then a fell runner in the Army - and then a cyclist from my thirties.

That was until I got hit by a debilitating neuro-immune condition that within 3 months left me unable to walk for the next 3 years, and on sticks and walking frames for the following 4 years after that.

During those years I, (like so so many people with chronic health disorders) , started a journey to try to cope, then to adapt, and eventually find treatments that enabled a decent quality of life. 

That journey ultimately lead me to PEMF - easily the most immediate and enduring beneficial treatment I found. So much so that it has enabled me to leave the walking sticks at home!

As my life fell apart, it became clear that the medical professions (as vital as they are), were not really able to offer anything helpful.  When the legs stopped working and the lights started to go out and more and more body systems started to fail, I knew I was in trouble. Speech was next with slurring and stammering and then the energy went. Like someone killed the power in an instant.  

The one thing I had in my favour – I was a trained scientist - and by that point in my life I waa ‘living the dream’ as I had set up my own business in the field of human sports performance with Elite and International athletes - combining science, sport and my interest in how people use their bodies to meet their goals.

On good days (there were some of course – its all relative!) and very very slowly – over a period of several years, I found myself developing a consolidated and logical approach to addressing and trying to improve my own condition. (More on this below).  

This is what took me to PEMF and ultimately to becoming a PEMF therapist with a mission to spread the word and the application of this simple but very powerful treatment technology.  

You know already that I am a huge fan – or I would not be doing this. It is not a miracle cure – but part of a wellness journey.


So what is it about PEMF? 

I engaged with many forms of therapy, learning, and interventions over the last 9 years or so - and over the years increasingly came to conclude in my own mind – that the cause of my own condition was to be found in the relationship between processes occurring at pretty much every level of how a body functions.  

This included both physical/metabolic processes as well as stress/mind factors, and rest/recovery processes too. Like many people with poorly understood chronic illness I focussed variously on nervous system, hormone/endocrine system, cellular energetic, blood health, digestive processes, toxification and detoxification to name a few. As well as more mindful pursuits which have been a joy in our crazy modern way of living! 

Essentially, I concluded that as the symptoms appeared to be in every aspect of “me”, that the cause might just exist somewhere there too – as in the “Whole” of me.  

Being scientific in my training and thinking - this in turn lead me over many years to concluding that for me the cause felt like it was happening at the level of each and every cell in my body.  

What else could explain the literally dozens of symptoms that I have and which, according to the doctors did not reside in any particular organ and did not show up on any tests! How could that be I still wonder!  

And if you are a healthily sceptical reader you might wonder that if the doctors could find nothing – then might there be a possibility that this might be imagined or psychosomatic - or all in my head.  

This does resonate for me a lot. Like lots of people I was told exactly this by a doctor, and told it when I was at my lowest point and only able to walk a few yards – and that with a frame or two walking sticks. I went home and started researching wheelchairs that day. 

And from what many of our clients tell us - many people are still told exactly the same thing by medical professionals today –  Long Covid, for example, is still being dismissed by some doctors as just stress or anxiety!  

So for the healthily sceptical reader - the next bit might be a little more helpful. When I first became ill in late 2015, I was professionally engaged in the metabolic performance laboratory testing of athletes – including daily testing of my own performance - because as well as being a scientist I was also a highly trained athlete trying to secure international qualification into the British Cycling team for that year's World Championships.

That’s me below! Seems a lifetime ago now!

Photo courtesy of TTLegends.org

The chronic illness thing started very suddenly. One day, soon after a particularly nasty flu, I failed to hit my training -performance numbers by quite some way (normalised power, functional threshold power and breath oxygen composition by metabolic gas analysis testing).  

My own coach could not understand why I was rolling around on the floor after even a mild session feeling like my lungs and heart were going to explode – when the lab equipment was clearly telling us that my body was at a level of exertion little more than a gentle walk in the park. 

The equipment was telling me that my body was behaving aerobically – fuelled by oxygen at a cellular level and engaged in a low effort activity. 

Yet from decades as a serious athlete, I knew that there was zero oxygen and zero energy available to me. I was running totally on anaerobic energy - sheer muscle strength - using an energy system designed to work for only short bursts of a few seconds at a time, as in sprinting or heavy lifting.

It was like my health and fitness was gone in an instant– I went from a trained athlete used to training and racing hundreds of miles a week  - to an invalid unable to get up the stairs. 

Over the next weeks, I lost the ability to walk, digest food and would complain to anyone and everyone that I was dieing. I told them that I felt that every single second was like I was running a hard “mile-19” of a marathon... even though I was lying down and had been for hours. There was no respite and the headaches, dehydration, hangover feelings etc were even worse. That phase lasted about 4 years.

My heart goes out to anyone reading this who knows this sort of experience – because I also know that for many people it is 10 times worse than what I experienced and can go on much longer - I could at least walk with some aids. I could converse in short bursts. I had access to my memories and fine motor skills. I was lucky.. I could still work a bit. 

Sorry to waffle here – but this is how I arrived at PEMF – I found PEMF therapy only when I finally reached my conclusion, that for me, what was wrong was actually taking place in every cell of my being. 

And this conclusion took years to reach. I try to keep an open mind and there are about a thousand treatment modalities out there - many saying that A or B or C is the cause! And I lapped up all of these.  

Now I know for some people the cause lies elsewhere – and we are all very fortunate I believe – to live in a vibrant society where we can try out all these different things! 

Once I hit on PEMF, and also the work of Sarah Myhill – I had at last got a language to help me understand not only what was wrong with my health and my cells – but I had a treatment trajectory beginning to emerge. And that meant hope. 

PEMF immediately hit the spot. I felt awful for the first 2 weeks, but I also had the stirrings of energy within the first hour after the very first session. Short-lived but I found it remarkable. 

The scientist in me decided to take the feeling awful as a positive sign! PEMF was certainly doing something... stirring my whole system up. It felt like my whole toxic bodily system had been sparked into life. 

My therapist calmly explained that my cells were now beginning to energise and become able to function in ways that they had not been free to do for years. This included clearing out the waste and toxicity from cells. I visualised it as a sludge seeping out of my cells! Nice!! 

I would say it took a few months of PEMF before I started to really feel that this was really not just a honeymoon (I had had these periods before during other treatments I had tried – the power of belief is quite something!) 

That PEMF sessions are cumulative became very apparent. 

So, now approaching 10 years on from my initial illness – I still say that I have some chronic illness and pain. I still have to be careful and competitive sport is not yet an option– I suspect I may always have a chronic disorder  really... But my life has changed beyond recognition. 

I use my PEMF mat every day without fail and I still see my own PEMF therapist every month or so as it feels like a rhythmic way of life I want to continue to embrace. 

I wanted to share my journey in case anyone reading this and seeking out PEMF therapy might be in a similar place to where I was.

Thank you