About Us

Welcome! Our mission is simple and clear: We want to be at the heart of bringing new, empowering, and affordable personal medical technologies, (all formally tested, approved and regulated), to as many people as possible across the UK.

As we move forward through the 21st century it is becoming increasingly clear that we will all benefit from taking greater personal involvement and responsibility for our own health. Partly this due to our wonderful NHS struggling at times under the weight of so many burdens, and particularly since Covid of course.

For many of us -  the sheer complexity, speed and number of demands on our  time, energy and our lives takes its toll - and the fact that many people have to face a future of working for many more years than our forebears did - and they did so in a society where perhaps there was more of a safety net to protect them.

We constantly see reports that the number of people with both chronic and acute pain conditions have reached record levels, and likewise people experiencing chronic disorders or illnesses described as autoimmune or systemic are rising rapidly.

In so many ways we are not a healthy population. 

On the flip side though - let’s be positive- there are so many exciting and robust new initiatives and treatment modalities available to us ( as well as lots of quackery and untested and unapproved treatments of course!)

Our belief, and experience, is that these new technologies can make enormous positive differences to people’s lives. They are often expensive however. Unsurprisingly perhaps.

That’s where we come in. The key to unlocking this potential is to help ordinary people like all of us to be able to afford them - and we believe that equipment rental/hire is the way to achieve this.

Thanks for reading. 

Andy Morgan