Clinical Evidence (by condition)

Formal Published Clinical Research

PEMF is indicated in assisting a broad range of chronic and acute conditions as detailed below.

PEMF at its most focussed is a clinically well-evidenced treatment modality that operates at the level of cellular processes. 

As with many clinical and scientific applications, its precise mechanisms are only partially understood. But, It is the many decades of earlier anecdotal evidence now combined with a large and rapidly expanding body of high-quality formal research that makes PEMF therapy's application ever more authoritative. 

This research and development production culminated in the seminal 2021 research meta-analysis of Mansourian and Shanei which drew together the clinical research evidence from over 2400 separate studies/trials etc  here

The conclusion of this study of 20 years of global university research:  In summary Intensity levels of 10-100 gauss (that’s 1-10 MilliTesla), provide the most effective intensity for effective treatment. All our devices deliver programmable intensities across this range and slightly beyond.

The drawing together of this research/clinical evidence was long overdue - as is the case of course with most emergent knowledge. The earlier anecdotal and isolated developments need to become scrutinised, replicated, incorporated and only then articulated to a wider audience. And no audience perhaps is more sceptical and demanding than healthcare clinicians! 

This work has cemented PEMF therapy’s clinical veracity as an effective and viable method to significantly enhance healing and repair. Likewise it has also elucidated much greater clarity as to the biological mechanisms and pathways through which PEMF acts. There are now solid and clinically identifiable cellular markers/processes with clearly defined and measurable outcomes.

And significantly. This is all achieved through the application of a simple, affordable, rapid, safe, non-invasive, drug-free, side-effect free, methodology

The evidence base listed in our Research Library (below), ranges across studies:  From osteoporosis to osteoarthritis. And from tendonitis and ligament lesions through to cartilage and accelerated bone regeneration. And from to Coronary Arterial Disease through to Hypertension. 

Similarly, its growing use among people with a range of non-specific or poorly understood conditions involving pain and inflammatory responses such as Fibromyalgia, CFS and Lupus, has now been investigated in detail through numerous double-blind university and hospital led research studies.

PEMF is also being increasingly being used professionally in the treatment of more acute injuries and disorders such as in wound and soft tissue healing, musculoskeletal problems, range of motion problems and non-union fractures. 

And finally, we are proud that with the Magneto family of devices, we are first PEMF provider to have successfully gone through the new UK Medical Device Regulation process - the new obligatory testing and certification process for all medical grade devices (covering: quality/safety/efficacy)

Andy Morgan


Research Evidence by Condition

1. Osteoarthritis

2. Osteoporosis

3. Inflammation/Immune System conditions - general

4 Gut health & Inflammatory digestive system conditions (eg Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, IBD)

5. Post-Covid 19 inflammation:

6. Musculoskeletal disorders -General: (one of my favourite clinical review articles as it sets PEMF’s evolution in detailed historical context before going on to highlight current and future research objectives and potentialities:

7. Lower back pain: Medical journal literature review of clinical research, Nice summation of the use of PEMF :

8. Chronic pain conditions: eg Fibromyalgia and Arthritis

9. Bone Healing and Repair:

10. Cartilage healing & regeneration (see also osteoarthritis)

11. Tendons & Ligaments

12.  Cellular/molecular responses

13. Blood circulation & oxygenation

14. Coronary Arterial Disease, Blocked Arteries, Ischemia, Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack).

15. Blood Pressure, Hypertension

16.  diabetes Type 2

17. Wound healing & Post Operative Recovery

18. Sports Performance

19. Cancer

There is a growing body of evidence finding that PEMF can be helpful for people with certain specific types of cancer. We are not qualified to evaluate to advise of course and strongly advise that you should discuss this with your oncologist before making any decisions. The referenced research papers below should be seen as a start point for such investigation, by a qualified specialist, as to the possible suitability of PEMF for particular, individual cases:

20. Lymphatic System

21. Sleep Disturbance

And, Rather than list all the research links we will “stand on the shoulders of giants” and refer you to the extremely comprehensive research databases at:

PEMF Therapy safety

PEMF is has been used for many decades and a large number of clinical studies have concluded it to be safe - even at much much higher intensities than we use.

For more information and references to studies, a good source is: