Do I have to pay VAT?

You may not know that pemf devices which are designed ‘solely’ to treat  chronically sick/ disabled people are ‘zero rated’ for VAT. 

Meaning that if you are long term-sick, or disabled then you will not have to pay VAT when you order from us because our equipment  is designed solely for use by sick/disabled persons and  is thus eligible for VAT relief.

So that can save you literally hundreds of pounds, compared to what other people have to pay, on many of our products!

To qualify to buy our equipment VAT free you just need to complete the VAT Relief Declaration at checkout - stating your disability/condition/Illness 

We won’t do anything with this information - other than securely store it. We need to do this as a requirement should HMRC ever ask us to show them why and what products we are selling VAT free.


You do not have to pay VAT if:

The goods you are buying are for the personal or domestic use of the customer,

If the goods are being bought specifically to treat a  person who is ‘chronically sick or disabled defined as’ :

physical or mental impairment which has a long-term and substantial adverse effect on their ability to carry out everyday activities

condition which the medical profession treats as a chronic sickness, such as diabetes. ME/CFS, arthritis, 

It does not matter if you are not on any benefits .

To be eligible to be zero-rated for sick/disabled people the equipment must qualify - which ours does!. Such that it Is a: “A medical or surgical appliance is a device or piece of equipment that’s designed solely for the relief of a severe impairment or a severe injury.”