Monthly Hire: Curatron Home 2000 Full Body PEMF Mat / Device

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    £249.00 1st month
    No long contracts. Pay Monthly - as you go!

    • Rental Model: Curatron 2000 +Body Mat +Small Pad

    • Try Before You Buy  Minimum rental term is only 1 month

    • No Credit Checks Needed

    • Free Setup Consultation if required

    £40 RENTAL DISCOUNT Month 2, 3 etc

    • Free or Express Delivery by tracked DPD 


    The Curatron Home 2000 is a traditional PEMF mat highly rated by PEMF therapists. At £4000 its out of reach of all but the wealthiest! 

    For this reason we’ve been asked by several therapists if we can offer this model for rental to their clients. And we’re happy to oblige.

    It is a really good system for supporting healing and wellness of anyone with a chronic system-wide health condition  (especially it seems for conditions where the causes remain unclear and hence treatment methods are correspondingly unclear too!)

    Many people with conditions such as MS, ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia etc have found this device to be of major assistance.

    The Curatron has a complex frequency scanning method covering a broad range of frequencies rather than precision frequency targetting. In many respects this ‘broad brush’ approach is perhaps what helps people with these ‘non-specific’ conditions.

    The current state of clinical knowledge, achieved by unifying 2400 independent global studies over the past 20 years (Research Sources: Here), is that a PEMF field intensity of 10-100 gauss (1-10 MilliTesla), provides the most effective intensity for effective treatment.

    All our devices operate across this range (and higher if required), and are individually programmable too. So you can choose your own intensity. You can do that yourself or we can help you. 

    All included and all part of the service!

    Its 10 programs deliver sophisticated PEMF fields which rapidly scan across multiple frequencies. 


    SETUP IS EASY - See video here:


    You should always first consult a qualified medical specialist before embarking on any decisions about your own condition/treatment .




    It’s really easy:

    When you checkout - you’ll be asked to create an account. This enables us to bill you monthly for the duration of your hire. Then you simply checkout as normal and we take the first months payment.

    You only commit for a month at a time so no long term contracts. After you have paid your first months hire -  you simply decide at the end of each month to either: 

    Continue renting the device for another month and we will automatically collect the next months payment..

    Send it back to us Simply box it up and send it back - and we’ll cancel the next payment at the end of the current rental period once everything is received back with us in good order!

    AND if you select EXPRESS DELIVERY at checkout we will also arrange collection of the device from you at the end of your hire - no extra charge.

    Small Print (well same size print!)

    You’ll only be expected to reimburse us if you lose or seriously damage the equipment. Fair ‘wear and tear’ is acceptable of course. (The equipment is very rugged by the way.)  We play fair and like to keep things simple too! 

    We both commit to a hire agreement so everyone is clear about responsibilities we all have … on both sides!

    Things like returning the equipment on the due dates etc and packing it up properly and safely for its return journey to us, that sort of thing! 

    And what you can expect from us: help if you can’t get it set up right or speedy support if think there might be a fault! That sort of thing!


    Control Unit

    Full body mat - Intensity: up to 70 gauss

    Small localised applicator pad

    Intensity: up to 200 gauss

    Frequency: 1-50 Hz

    Waveform: Modified square

    Number of programs: 10 

    Program Length: 15-30 minutes

    Application: Full body/Localised treatment

    Need assistance?

    It comes with a detailed manual. But if required we can  help you set  up the therapy programs correctly. Or if you prefer we can simply set it up for you for ‘1 button’ operation! 

    With your permission we can even talk to your PEMF therapist, If you have one, to ensure that this powerful and versatile device is fully tailored to attain the best therapeutic results for YOU!. 

    We are PEMF therapists ourselves! And … This is all included in the price!   

  • Reviews (1)
    Deborah Hayward

    We had been talking about buying one of these for some considerable time. I would imagine about four years, in fact! We did, in the meantime, buy a couple of cheap mats but then realised that this was just false economy. We must’ve spent about £800 on both of them. Both now in the garage. So when we saw that you hired these out we didn’t even hesitate. It seems such a simple way of finding out if this is right for you. We don’t have money to burn. We planned on renting it from you for only a month just to try it out but we still have it after three more months. It really does help, especially with my sleep and also my husband’s indigestion which has plagued him for years. We actually got it for my arthritis. It definitely helps with that and the other benefits have been an unexpected bonus. It’s all packaged up and waiting to be collected. Now you have made this whole process very easy thank you. It’s only a shame that you don’t sell them - or we’d be buying from you now if we had £3800. We may just buy one of your other machines. Thank you again Deb.

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