Product Warranty. Terms and Conditions. Purchased Equipment

updated 10/06/24

All new I-Tech devices have 2 year warranty protection (covering the original purchaser only) for manufacturing faults in materials and workmanship. 

This includes both straightforward ‘one off” purchases and also our “rent to buy” products. 

All ex-rental I-Tech devices have the same warranty cover but for a period of 18 months. Again only the original purchaser is covered.

Your Right to Return within 14 days of Receipt

The UK distance selling regulations mean that the original purchaser has the right to say they want to return the goods for up to 14 days after receiving them (and then another 14 days to return them) we will then refund within another 14 days - providing the goods are complete and undamaged.

Please note for devices which have been used we deduct a £47.50 professional cleaning fee. For sterile cleaning of all applicators and mat covers et cetera.

Warranty terms

The I-Tech devices are comprised of a modular system of distinct units, such as: Head unit, mat, belt applicators, solenoid applicators, case etc

Each unit is deemed a separate product and we reserve the right to warrant each unit separately.

For example if a warrantable fault is found in an applicator only the applicator unit will be repaired or replaced. Not the whole device system which is comprised of the distinct units as described above.  

Warranty limits

Warranty cover does not extend to ‘wear and tear’ resulting from fair use over time.

Warranty Claims

If you think your device has a fault stop using it immediately and contact us.

Do not present the device including any units (as above) to a 3rd party to dismantle, work on, diagnose or repair. This will immediately invalidate your warranty.

Ownership of Spread Payment Device Purchases

We retain ownership of the device you are purchasing until the final agreed payment has been made. At that time we will transfer ownership to you with a full product purchase receipt being supplied to you.

If you do not make any agreed payment, we retain the right to pursue all reasonable means to secure any outstanding payments. Where outstanding payments are still unpaid after 3 months we will consider the device to be unrecoverable and will pursue legal means to recover the full balance of outstanding payments. Plus in addition a charge of £500 will be added to the outstanding balance we will seek to recover - this is to cover our loss and time.

If you think you will have trouble paying any monthly payment please contact us first at least 7 days before the payment-due date and we can explore settlement options with you.