FAQ: What is PEMF & How Can it Help?

PEMF therapy is a non-invasive, painless, drug free and clinically proven treatment modality.

Often described as a “battery charger” or “Cellular Energiser” for poorly functioning cells, PEMF delivers a safe energy into the body, at targeted frequencies, intensities and duration.  

This increases our cells ability for: healing, blood circulation, energy production, athletic/trauma recovery, general wellness, detoxification and optimal performance.

In short it puts a body in the best possible place to heal naturally and regenerate- and in some quite startling ways too: from accelerating soft tissue repair through to bone-regrowth and removing inflammation. And from stress reduction to fast and lasting pain relief.

The magnetic energy fields are created electronically and delivered to the body either by cushioned mats you simply lie down on - or Velcro fastened belts you apply at the site of pain or injury.

PEMF therapy is proven to work

  • Reduces chronic and acute pain, 
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduces stress on the body. 
  • Eases Arthritis and joint pain
  • Improves energy by stimulating ATP production (eg ME/CFS) 
  • Improves circulation,  
  • Increases blood and tissue oxygenation,  
  • Reduces blood pressure,  
  • Increases nutrient uptake,  
  • Increases cellular detoxification and regeneration 
  • supports immune health by mechanically stimulating lymphatic drainage 
  • Accelerates repair of bone and soft tissue damage (e.g Osteporosis) 
  • Relaxes muscles. 

What do I need to do?

All you need to do is simply lie on a mat or sit with a device placed on the treatment site for a period of 1-2 hours at a time - depending on the type and severity of the presenting condition. 

Make sure you get a high-quality Medically certified mat/device. Don’t be put off by vague or insufficient responses!

Since no physical activity is involved for the patient, most people feel relaxed during the session and many people report that they get a pleasant, euphoric feeling from the therapy.

Who can use PEMF? 

Anyone from the very young to the elderly can use PEMF safely and without negative side effects.  

The only contraindications are for the following conditions. If ANY of these apply to you then PEMF is NOT suitable for you!. 

  • Pregnancy
  • Tuberculosis
  • Juvenile diabetes
  • Acute viral diseases
  • Mycosis
  • Cardiopathy
  • Transplant patients
  • Severe arrhythmias
  • Pacemaker or defibrillator users
  • Wearers of magnetisable prostheses
  • Acute infections
  • Epilepsy
  • Open wounds
  • Caution and advice to be sought before use by people with suspected/confirmed heart problems.
  • Cochlear, Intrathecal or insulin pumps, deep-brain or gastric stimulators, foot drop implants.
  • ANY other electronic implants.
  • CANCER Advisory: There is growing clinical research evidence that certain specific PEMF protocols can assist in the management/treatment of some cancers. We are not qualified to make any assessment or give any advice as to the appropriateness or effectiveness of PEMF for cancer. We advise at all times you consult with your oncologist BEFORE deciding whether or not PEMF is for you.

Will I feel any pain during the treatment? 

No. The magnetic-pulses do not hurt! You may or may not feel the pulsing of the magnetic current during treatment. 

If not you can get a feeling of the fields being generated (and also check the device is working!!) by loosely holding the supplied magnet very near the applicators or mat. The mats have between 6 and 10 field centres so you should move the magnet around to see where you get a response.

Many people describe the feeling of PEMF as soothing or energising. PEMF is not about maximal-intensity. It’s benefits are cumulative and each persons comfort level is different.

Before Switching on: CAUTION


NEVER place bank debit/credit cards/electronic car keys/ phones/ipads etc within 2 FEET of the device or mats or other applicators.

Are there any side-effects or after-effects?

There are no known significant side effects associated with the therapy, nor are there any reports of problems associated with excessive exposure to the electromagnetic fields generated by devices.

 In fact, it is possible to treat specific conditions such as osteoporosis, even for up to 6 hours a day or even overnight. 

However, some minor temporary discomfort can be felt with initial treatment. But these minor reactions only happen to about 5% of users - and when PEMF treatment has just commenced. 

In addition, mild adverse reactions typically occur with whole body treatment more than with local treatments. Most of these side effects are mild and temporary and usually cease with the continuation of therapy. It is rare that users need to discontinue therapy due to negative side effects.

Because PEMF therapies can alter body systems and stimulate cells and tissues, overreactions by the body do sometimes occur. Whether measurable or perceived, such responses can be due to increased circulation, induced relaxation, stimulation of nerve cells and changes in heart rate and blood pressure.

Detoxification Symptoms: For people who are chronically unwell it is not uncommon to have a detox reaction following exposure to PEMF. Because PEMF energises the cells and stimulates healthy cellular processes (such as detoxification) it can rapidly stimulate the movement and displacement of toxins in the body. If your body has been unwell and your cells have built up a “toxic load” over time, then a sudden change can shift toxins around your body which is not pleasant whilst your body is clearing them out.

This detoxification reaction (often referred to as a “Herxheimer Reaction” or a “Healing Crisis”,)  can cause mild and temporary side effects like headaches, nausea, muscle aches and fatigue. These effects are temporary. If they are too much for you to feel comfortable with - they will go away simply by taking a break from treatment. As your body adjusts to PEMF therapy, these reactions rarely linger. 

In addition, you can reduce the chance of PEMF therapy “detox side effects” by drinking plenty of water before and after treatment. This will help speed the removal of toxins and help your body maintain optimal cellular hydration. 

Also a regime of non-prescription supplements are available to aid detoxification - such as binders as mineral supplements. Just ask of you’d like to know more.

Can PEMF cure my medical condition? And are PEMF therapists medically qualified?

No. PEMF is not a substitute in any way for medical expertise and diagnosis. 

All PEMF therapists should be professionally insured to practice in the UK and be a member of a formal professional standards body. All our own therapists are fully insured certified members of the international Association of PEMF Professionals (AOPP). (https://pemfprofessionals.com)

PEMF therapists are not medical professionals and cannot make medical diagnoses or decisions . 

Rather PEMF therapy is a modality that supports the healing and regeneration of the body and its cells. We describe PEMF therapy as assisting and supporting the body to be in the best shape it can be for healing. 

Many years of research and understanding into Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy have enabled therapists to formulate a focused approach to treatments. 

As a result, everyone that comes to us for PEMF treatment, will have individualised treatment plans.

That does not mean it can cure specific conditions. If you are at all concerned about your health by all means come and see us for wellbeing support  - BUT make sure you go and see your doctor.

Do I have to undress for the treatment? 

NO. All treatments are best administered with you being fully dressed! Clothes and fabrics do not limit the therapy or react in any way.

How long does a treatment take? 

Treatment sessions are usually about 30 minutes to 6 hours on Home Use machines. 


How can we optimise PEMF treatment? 

Try drinking lots of water. PEMFs stimulate currents in tissues. These currents simply don’t flow well without hydration. Thus, drinking 5-8 glasses of water a day is necessary for individuals using PEMFs.  

There are other important considerations such as detoxification and if you are interested in this we can suggest supplements that facilitate detoxification of the body. 


How often should I have PEMF treatment? 

Ideally you should be using PEMF daily! Once or twice.