1. Assured Professional Quality & Effectiveness.

Welcome. Our equipment is aimed at two types of people:

HOME USERS: to help treat/manage chronic and acute health conditions and help maintain good cellular health.

PROFESSIONAL USERS: physio’s, osteopaths, chiropractors and health and wellness professionals.  

This might be for assisting in the treatment of Arthritis, MS, Sports Injury, Osteoporosis, ME/CFS, Back Problems, Knee Problems, Joint Pain, Tendonitis, Oedema, Long Covid, General Wellness - and a range of other medical or non-medical conditions.

There are many PEMF devices on the market. Most look identical to each other (!) And most are accompanied by quite bold treatment claims - often with little supporting evidence. We think most of these devices are probably pretty good - but there’s not really any way of knowing!

We believe these are the key elements to look for in any treatment device and especially in a traditionally unregulated market such as PEMF.

Evidenced. Regulated. Certified. Clinically Proven. Warranted. Supported. Clearly Explained. Versatile. Easy-to-use.

All our PEMF and Ultrasound devices are UK/EU certified Class 2 medical devices. That means they are Clinically validated for Safety, Quality & Effectiveness under the Medical Device Regulations (MDR).

We suggest that anything less than this verified standard is perhaps, not worth the risk! 

All device manufacturers have the opportunity to submit their products to independent Government testing labs for MDR validation. Our question is simple. Why would they choose not to take this important step?

Our products are certified by the UK Government MHRA. (Medicines & Health Regulatory Authority.) Here..

2. UK based. Great customer support.

We are a UK organisation. We ship from the UK. And our customer service is all UK based. We offer fast and thorough customer support and FREE DELIVERY to UK/EU customers.

And we’re always just a phone call away - or a WhatsApp or an email! So if you need tech support or have a treatment question - we’re right beside you.

3. Professional expertise & experience: We are professionally qualified AOPP PEMF therapists. (Association of PEMF Professionals), So we know how to help you get the most out of your new equipment. 

I-Tech Medical Division has been making medically regulated PEMF devices for over 25 years.

We also offer all customers a free pre-delivery “device set-up consultation”. Purely optional!

We can find out what treatment you need and can pre-program your device for you to the most effective protocols. Saving you time and helping ensure the therapy is effective from the moment you begin.

4. Which type of PEMF device should I get? 

There’s lots of detail on this subject on this site and many others. Whilst it can get complicated - The simplest answer is:

- Get the highest ‘Gauss’ range your budget allows within the effective human treatment spectrumGauss is a measure of field-intensity and broadly speaking devices capable of Gauss levels of 20-400 are optimal for treating humans. 

In terms of clinical evidence: The most widely recognised formal meta-analysis of over 2400 university/hospital research journal papers, into the clinical effectiveness of PEMF - has affirmed that intensity levels of 10-100 gauss (that’s 1-10 MilliTesla), provide the most effective intensity for effective treatment. Research Sources:Here..

As the Gauss intensity of a PEMF field drops off rapidly (even a few centimetres away from a mat/applicator surface) it is necessary to employ a device capable of producing 200-400 gauss (measured at the applicator surface).

This enables the optimal maximum intensity of 100 gauss to be effectively delivered at a range of up to 20-40cm from the device applicator surface. Such that it achieves the required field-depth penetration to reach through the entire human body - at optimal gauss levels. 

Devices producing significantly less gauss will necessarily achieve just a few centimetres of depth penetration into the body, and hence are unlikely to reach core body-systems. Some offer therapeutic benefits that are literally little more than skin deep!

Similarly, devices which run into the thousands of gauss are both clinically unnecessary - PEMF works by activating cellular processes and all that is required is the right field intensity and frequency for activation (hitting the body with more and more gauss has not been shown to increase cell activation any further). And perhaps far more importantly such devices may be so powerful as to be unsafe - especially if they have not been submitted for medical device regulation (MDR) testing.

Being able to choose the right gauss/intensity level (within the above effective range), for your own needs and comfort is also very important. It can take a few days to get used to PEMF so building slowly is most often helpful. We can assist with all this of course.

One other significant point relating to PEMF treatment times is that they can be significantly influenced by Gauss levels. In broad terms: 1 hour using a 100 Gauss device  delivers the same benefit as 10 hours using a 10 Gauss device. A broadly linear relationship exists between intensity and reduced treatment times. 

So again the logical conclusion is to use a device towards the top end of the safe/effective intensity range of up to a stated gauss of 300-400. Any higher may reduce treatment times but may not be verified safe.

Naturally if you are using a PEMF mat during the night say for 6 hours - maximal intensity and rapid treatment times are less significant. Running the mat at say 125-150 gauss through the night  will achieve optimal cell activation, and required depth penetration, without the need for more powerful fields.

Be very wary of any device where technical data on GAUSS and FREQUENCY is either not published at all, or not supplied to you when you request it!

-  Get the right type of device for your condition. If you have a full-body issue then go for a mat based device. If its localised to specific areas of the body go for an applicator-based device. 

And of course we have systems that are both local/whole-body. Ideal for conditions such as arthritis where maintaining whole body health is as important as treating current problem areas of the body.